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ISSN : 1598-7248 (Print)
ISSN : 2234-6473 (Online)
Industrial Engineering & Management Systems Vol.9 No.2 pp.88-96

Performance Improvement of Freight Logistics Hub Selection in Thailand by Coordinated Simulation and AHP

Jirapat Wanitwattanakosol†, 1Pongsak Holimchayachotikul, 2Phatchari Nimsrikul, 2Apichat Sopadang
Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Chiang Mai University
1College of Arts, Media and Technology,
Chiang Mai University
2Department of Industrial Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering Chiang Mai University
Received, February 19, 2010; Revised, April 21, 2010; Accepted, May 17, 2010


This paper presents a two-phase quantitative framework to aid the decision making process foreffective selection of an efficient freight logistics hub from 8 alternatives in Thailand on the North-Southeconomic corridor. Phase 1 employs both multiple regression and Pearson Feature selection to find the importantcriteria, as defined by logistics hub score, and to reduce number of criteria by eliminating the less importantcriteria. The result of Pearson Feature selection indicated that only 5 of 15 criteria affected the logistics hub score.Moreover, Genetic Algorithm (GA) was constructed from original 15 criteria data set to find the relationshipbetween logistics criteria and freight logistics hub score. As a result, the statistical tools are provided the same 5important criteria, affecting logistics hub score from GA, and data mining tool. Phase 2 performs the fuzzystochastic AHP analysis with the five important criteria. This approach could help to gain insight into how theimprecision in judgment ratios may affect their alternatives toward the best solution and how the best alternativemay be identified with certain confidence. The main objective of the paper is to find the best alternative forselecting freight logistics hub under proper criteria. The experimental results show that by using this approach,Chiang Mai province is the best place with the confidence interval 95%.



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